Nate loves what he does and it shows! His enthusiasm, patience and easy to understand explanations has earned him many repeat students and recommendations.
Nathan is a thrill seeker. He craves adrenaline, speed, and height. He wakes up everyday ready for the beach. His true passion? Kiting! Once he figured out how to turn his passion into a career, there is no stopping him. His passion reflects in his performance.
A sample of reviews:
From the first time you meet Nathan you feel the sincerity in his instruction. Calmly talking through the lesson. Expressing the art, safety, and dangers of kiting. Ensuring instructions were clearly communicated before moving on to the next part of the lesson. He keeps motivating, encouraging, and supporting the entire time. Offering techniques and advice. He was easy to talk to. He came highly recommended and did not disappoint.
Nate patiently coached my 11 year old son from body dragging all the way till he could ride upwind. He calmly helped him with the fear of 35 mph gusts, waves, rocks, other kite boarders. Teaching a youth requires special skills of reading body language, facial expression and having individualized communication strategies. As a parent, I am deeply grateful for everything that Nate offers, especially children, teens and anyone who has fear and trepidation about getting started in this thrilling and exciting sport.
From Robert: I just wanted to share how much I appreciate Nates lessons. He was very motivating, knowledgeable, safety oriented and patient with me and I feel so happy to have progressed to the point of being able to somewhat ride yesterday. The sport can be so challenging but I feel very happy to have taken the lessons to build the skills, I think it minimized the struggle and got me to the fun part as quick as possible I would highly recommend Nate to anyone and thank you for your effort in coordinating the lessons. It looks like the wind will not be great tomorrow so probably yesterday was the last lesson. Aloha!
From Micah: Yesterday was so much fun, and Nate is delightful!