Our Staff – A head above the rest! Stoke guaranteed!

The strength of our company is its staff. We go the extra mile , give the benefit of the doubt, love what we do. We are there for you when you need us, even after your lessons are completed. We’ll give you a launch or a land, just look for our yellow jerseys at Kite Beach. Forgot your screwdriver,helmet or harness just ask for a loaner.

We are super proud of our fantastic staff, It’s these guys that make our school the best kiteboarding school on the planet!!

Meet Maui’s best trained, friendly and supportive staff of kiteboarding instructors handpicked for exceptional service.

Our experienced, professional instructors are avid kitesurfers who love teaching kiteboarding- they will make sure that you learn at your own pace and have a blast doing it!

Certified to the highest standards, (many are double certified )  dedicated to their students’ welfare, progress and fun!

Reviews from Our Customers see: Trip AdvisorYelp and Google +

Our  Instructors are certified  to the highest standards by accredited agencies

Karen Lang – Manager / Senior Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Instructor

Level 2  Certified + US Kiters Level 2 Certified Kiteboarding Instructor

Karen is the manager of our school, owner of Northshore Kite and Sail Repair and Level 2 kiteboarding instructor . Karen stays quite busy, she answers the phone, emails , schedules and teaches lessons in between kiteboarding sessions.
“I love what I do, love that the beach is my office and I can come to work barefoot!”

Patience, clear, easy to follow directions and emphasis on safety make Karen one of our most sought out instructors.

Karen has been teaching kiteboarding on Maui for 15 years and uses radio helmet to stay in contact with you on the water

Corey Gallagher – Head Instructor

Level 2 USKiters Certified Kiteboarding Instructor

Corey has tons of stamina and enthusiasm to push you to your limits. He is one of our fastest paced instructors and very popular!


Nate Milliron / US Kiters Level 1 Certified Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Instructor

Nate loves what he does and it shows! His enthusiasm, patience and easy to understand explanations has earned him many repeat students and recommendations.


Gery Maczka

Level 2 US Kiters Certified

Super experienced, friendly and patient, Gery will make your kiteboarding experience exceptional. Gery uses radio helmets to keep in touch with you on the water

Chas kiteboardng maui jump

Charles Edwards

 Level 2 US Kiters Certified

Charles is one of the most sought out instructors at Kite Beach.  He is patient and supportive !

Martin Caprille

Level 2 US Kiters Certified

Laid back and easy going, Martin will also push you to your limits

Martin speaks fluent English and Spanish

Tomas Aguirre Level 1 US Kiters Certified Instructor


Tomas is one of the best riders at Kite Beach, he specializes in HUGE jumps and tricks, but also is very patient and enjoys teaching beginners

tomas aguirre kiteboarding maui

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