Kite Beach, Maui, Hawaii: Home of Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons


When it comes to kiteboarding, Maui is the best place in the world – steady trade winds, warm water, beautiful beaches, Maui has it all.

This is why they say that a week learning to kite in Maui is the equivalent of a full season elsewhere.


Kite Beach Maui, Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons


Kite Beach, Maui  is the world center of high performance kiteboarding.

Here, within a couple hundred yards of beach, you can daily see the world’s best kiteboarders,

skimming, flying, twisting, doing the impossible!

 Kiteboarding at Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons Kite Beach Maui

Blessed with very consistent  trade winds and  warm, clear water, Maui is one of the finest watersports destinations on earth and Kite Beach has become the kiteboarding Mecca for the best performers in kiteboarding.

kiteboarding tricks

The high degree of cutting-edge performance kiteboarding here serves to spur everyone on to expand their limits and blow each other’s mind, with new milestones in performance being created and surpassed daily.

big jumps kiteboarding

Here at Kite  Beach Maui, the learning curve is greatly accellerated, and our instructors are daily challenged to expand their techniques, both in teaching, and their personal riding. The benefit to you, the student, is obvious – here you can learn the latest techniques, in the best conditions, from the best instructors, stimulated and encouraged by kiteboarding with the best riders! Just wait ’till you get back home – you’ll blow your buddies away!


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Kite Beach Maui

Kite Beach Maui



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  • Kite Beach is located just a few minutes from the Kahului Airport, if you watch from the plane as you land, you may see kiters out
  • Kite Beach is nested in a bay with Kanaha Beach Park to the east and Kahului Harbor to the west
  • Ka’a Point aka Pro Pool is where you will see the best kiteboarders in the world, boosting big air and throwing down the latest tricks. Please stay out of this area unless you are setting up for a big jump or trick
  • The best place to view Pro Pool is Lessons Beach, (our meeting location)
  • There is no kiteboarding allowed in the enclosed swimming area adjacent to Pro Pool


The Wind:  


  • Kite Beach Maui the “kiteboarding capital of the world”, gets more kitable days than anywhere else on earth. The trade winds blow all year round mostly side shore, side on and occasionally side off.
  • The best months for consistent wind in the summer (May-Sept), with spring and fall close behind.
  •  In the winter season, (Nov-Feb) expect winds to be a little less consistent with possibilities of some days in a row without wind. In the winter, have a backup plan other than kiting.
  • The valley in Central Maui creates a venturi effect that create the best conditions for kiting in the world


The Water:


  • Hawaiian waters average 77 degrees in the wintertime to 82 degrees in the summertime. We love the temp of our water; it’s not too warm and not too cold. In summer you will most likely need only swim attire , in winter most people like to use a 1 mil wetsuit top or shorty wetsuit
  • In the beginner area the water is usually calm with just some small chop
  • Farther out, is the waves break , for the intermediate to advanced kiteboarders. In the winter the waves at the break can be quite large, for experts only


The Ammenities:


  • Not that much at Kite Beach, it’s pretty wild but we are working on it, so, hopefully soon!
  • Porta potties that are actually kept pretty clean at Lessons Beach
  • There are restrooms and outdoor showers at Kanaha Beach Park, just west of Kite Beach
  • We have a big jug of fresh drinking water in our Aqua Sports Maui van
  • Picnic tables and some out of the wind and sun spots for beach goers and spectators
  • Cash and Carry grocery store just down the road for a quick snack or drink


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