Aqua Sports Intermediate Kiteboarding Lessons

One on One Private, Custom Maui Kiteboarding Lesson

Already had a lesson or two and want to continue? Start off where you left off. After a short review of safety and a discussion of your already acquired skills you can take this intermediate course.

$75 Per Hour, Discount, $85 per Hour Premium 

Skills taught in this class (if not already acquired) are:

Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lesson

  • Self rescue
  • Upwind board recovery
  • Kite Mastery
  • Safety Techniques
  • Power Strokes
  • Waterstarts
  • Riding
  • Getting Longer Rides
  • Upwind riding
  • Transitions
  • Toe Side Riding and Transitions
  • Rules and Ettiquette
  • Help with Kite Purchase
  • And More!



Walkie talkie radios to  keep us in touch with you once you are ready to go solo is  a distinct advantage, please ask for this option if you are interested.

For more info please call us at 808 242 8015 or Contact Us

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