Diana Pond Klase / Senior Instructor

US Kiters Level 2 Certified Instructor

Diana learned to kiteboard in 2001 here on Maui.
Since then she has ridden and taught in a broad variety of locations and conditions around the world.
Her love of travel has taken her from Cape Verde, to Australia, Vietnam, Spain, St. Lucia, Thailand, France, Germany, Holland, the U.K., Gibraltar, Malta, Morocco and more! This girl is well travelled.

With skills, teaching techniques, experience, and knowledge gained from years of experience at home and abroad her goal is to deliver the best, most effective lesson possible for the progression and advancement of each and every student she teaches.
Trained and certified, to the highest levels, we’ve been very proud to have her as a member of staff at Aqua Sports Maui since 2005.
Diana’s students rave about her patience and expert explanations.

One of Diana’s secrets is that she will not only give you concise, easy to follow directions, but will also explain the why of doing it. She says this really reinforces the action.

If you want one of the best kiteboarding lessons on the planet, pick Diana for your teacher.