Kite Rental Program

Leave your gear at home and rent from us!

We have a huge selection of the latest Duotone, Cabrinha, Ozone and Core gear for rent. Twin tips, surfboards, you name it.

Come back in and change up gear at any time. Gear can even be switched out for surf or SUP gear.

This program is for intermediate to advanced riders only.

To rent gear you must have a certification card with ability level 3L.
If you don’t have an certification card, we can certify you for rental, if you can:
Ride consistently upwind
Upwind body drag to your board
Know safe launch, landing procedures  
Know kiting rules and procedures, how to avoid collisions with other kiters and what to do if it happens
Know how to take care of yourself on the water and how to perform a successful self rescue.
Our rental check out course is $100 for 1 hour, after that if you satisfy the requirements for rental, you may rent at the rate of $95 per day.

Contact Us for further info on skills required.

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