Which Kiteboarding Should I Choose?

There are a lot of choices, but all of our courses are customized to fit the individual student.

So, no worries, pick the close that sounds the closest to what you want and we will customize it for you.

If you just want to check out kiteboarding for 1 hour this is a good inexpensive way to start:

Special Beach Only 1 hr Private Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

If you are not sure you want to learn to kiteboard but want to get a feel for what it’s all about or want to be able to assist your kiteboarding friends, choose this one:

Non Kiteboarder Go Fly a Kite Class

Aqua Sports Maui Non Kiteboarder Lesson with Student and Trainer Kite

Only have 1 day (3 hours) or not ready to commit to 3 or 5 days to try kiteboarding? take this one:

Introduction to Kiteboarding First Day Beginner Class

Only have 1 day but are an animal in top condition? take:

4, 5, or 6 Hour Ultra Beginner Course

Really want to learn to kiteboard and have 3, 5 or 10 days to learn , check out these courses:

Fast Track 3 , 5 or 10 Day Kiteboarding Lesson Programs

Kiteboarding Packages

Already have some experience and want to continue where you left off, take:

Intermediate Kiteboarding Lesson

Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons Intemediate

Ready for advanced lessons, tricks, boosting big air? take:

Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons

Looking for advanced kitesurfing lessons in waves, take:

Kitesurfing Lessons

Want to share a lesson with friends or family? take:

Family Kiteboarding Lessons / Semi- Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Live in Hawaii?

Kama’aina Lessons