Typical Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lesson Timeline

Everyone is different, no one can say exactly where you will be on the curve, but below is an outline of what the most students accomplishes daily:

Learning to kiteboard is a multi-day activity, (similar to learning how to hang glide or paraglide) with most people taking at least 9 to 15 hours of instruction to feel confident, safe and comfortable enough to then go practice on their own. Don’t be fooled by someone telling you: “We’ll get you on the board in the first day”. It is possible, but for most people, not the norm without leaving out a lot of important safety steps. Wakeboarders are usually the fastest at learning this sport, as the board skills are very similar.

Shared Lessons: Please note that in a shared lesson your rate of progress will be less than in a typical private lessons.

Day 1:

Beginner Maui Kitboarding Lesson

Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lesson First Day

Hour 1:

Kite Set Up Assisted, (on land)
Kite theory, (on land)
Basic kite flying skills, (on land)
Hour 2 and 3:

Kite Safety and Self Rescue, (on land and water)
Kite launching and landing
Body dragging, (water practice with kite)
Kite water relaunch, (on water)
Hour 3:

Water Start theory, possible for the talented
Water Starts with board are possible, depending on the individual, but generally students are ready for the board on Day 2

Day 2:

  • Kite Set Up Unassisted with Supervision
  • Refining kite control, starting to feel more comforable with the kite (on water)
  • Power strokes, the technique needed to get up on the board (on water)
  • Upwind body drag, the technique needed to get your board back when you lose it
  • Waterstarts, getting up on the board!
  • Board Skills

Ultra Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

Day 3:

  • Kiteboarding Rules, Etiquette and Tips
  • Learn to Read Weather Conditions and find Safe Kiting Locations
  • More Kite and Board Skills
  • Perfecting the waterstart
  • Short Rides
  • FUN!

Beginner Kiteboarder

Day 4:

  • Longer rides
  • Tips for maintaining your ride
  • Refining Board Skills (Starting to feel more comfortable with the board)
  • Controlling Speed
  • MORE FUN!!

Longer Rides

Day 5:

  • Fun Riding
  • Feeling comfortable on the water
  • Riding both directions
  • Planing, (riding with speed)
  • Transition Theory, (changing direction)

Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons Student Natalie

Day 6:

  • Fun Riding
  • Transitions
  • Upwind riding (coming back to where you started) theory and practice
  • Intermediate Kite Theory
kiteboarding transition

Kiteboarding Transition

Day 7:

  • Fun Riding
  • S Turns, prerequisite for jumps and toeside riding
  • Advanced upwind riding, (riding higher upwind from where you started) theory and practice
  • One handed riding
  • Equipment selection
  • Rigging and tuning for various conditions

Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Instrructor Mati

Day 8:

  • Toeside Riding
  • More Advanced upwind riding
  • Jumping ?!? theory and practice

Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lesson Enrico Learning Toeside

Day 9 & 10:

  • Jumping?
  • Back Roll?
  • Equipment buying guidance
  • And More!!!

Aqua Sports Maui Student Enrico Jumping

After that: It’s up to you!