Maui Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling Lessons

Get ready for some fun, with the brand new sport of Wing Surfing and Wing Foiling!

One of the great things about Wing Surfing is you may be up and riding on the first lesson. It takes no special skills , if you can swim, you can try it! That makes it an ideal activity if you only have 1 day to try something new while you are here on Maui. It’s the perfect family sport for kids from 8 to 99. The first day of wingsurf lessons utilizes a high volume board making it easy for everyone to learn. Come give it a try with the best wingfoiling instructors on Maui.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Depending on your skills you may not get up on the foil in your first day of lessons, some do but not everyone. Depending on you and your abilities, you may start on a high volume sup board while you are getting your balance and figuring out the wing. Then, in a later lesson, transition to the foil. Either way, expect lots of fun in the water!

After learning to Wing Surf, you can add the next step, the foil, this brings the sport to a whole new level.

Learning curve for wing surf: You will be riding in the first lesson.

Learning Curve for those that want to learn foil:  Everyone is different , some people do not get to the point of adding the foil on the first lesson, in that case the foil is added on the second lesson.

Some people will be ahead of this curve and as our lessons are custom, you will progress at your own rate.

We have many different lesson plans designed to fit your individual style.

We also offer Kite Foil lessons,  for intermediate and advanced kiteboarders wanting to learn tricks, jumps and wave riding!

Please call us at 808 242 8015 if you have any questions

Wing Surf / Wing Foil Rates: 

Wing Surf/ Wing Foil 1 Day  Private 2 hour –$150 per hour = $300, add a 3rd hour for an additional $100, total for 3 hours $400

Wing Surf / Wing Foil 2 or 3 Hour, 2  person Semi Private- $120 per hour per person

Wing Surf/ Wing Foil 3 hour Family Lesson (4 person sharing 2 equipment) – $80 per hour per person 3 hours-  $ 960

Wing Foil Rentals – $150 per day, (2 wings , 1 board /foil kit, helmet and pump), Special for our student $125 per day

Or call us at (808) 242-8015 to book or for more info