Lessons from A Legend

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Aqua Sports Maui is proud to announce that Legendary Rider

Lou Wainman has joined our team!!

Lou Wainman awesome lay down jibe

Lou Wainman

Lou will be offering intermediate to advanced , one on one kiteboarding  instruction as well as a series of special camps and tours to exotic kiting spots, (dates to be announced soon).

A little about Lou:

Lou Wainman Handle Pass

Lou Wainman Handle Pass

Well known for his style and innovation, Lou is unquestionably the pioneer of the wakestyle movement. He is an amazing athlete and a real leader in the sport of kiteboarding.

The co-founder of Wainman Hawaii, Lou helped make kiteboarding what it is today. He led the infamous Kite Beach, Maui wakestyle scene through the sports rapid progression. He was doing KGB’s and Slim Chances before kite leashes were even invented.

He has been nominated for the 2011 AWSI Kiteboarder of the year award.

Sponsors: Wainman Hawaii

His passion and enthusiasm for the sport is contagious, you can’t help but smile when Lou rides by!

Lou’s teaching style is fun, supportive and patient. With his expert guidance you will get to that next level and have a blast doing it. This is truly an exceptional and amazing experience.

Lou Wainman Kiteboarding Strapless Air

Lou Wainman Kiteboarding Strapless Air

Book Lou for a once in a lifetime experience.

One on one private instruction with Lou is $100 per hour and well worth it!


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