Aqua Sports Maui

is proud to present the new

Kiteboarding Instructor Certification Course

being offered by

US Kiters and the Maui Kiteboarding Network

Maui Kiteboarding Instructor Clinic

Get Certified to teach!

Periodically, the US Kiters conducts official instructor training programs (ITPs) in Hawaii, in the continental United States, and around the Pacific. These clinics are typically conducted over the course of three days.

Candidates must be 18 years old, riding upwind consistently , be a safe and courteous kiter and be able to perform a small jump.

Upon successful completion of the clinic requirements and payment of fees you can expect to be rated at least as a Basic Instructor. Some may be certified at a higher instructor or appointment level at the discretion of the US Kiters Examiner conducting the course.

  • ITC Location:
    • Kanaha Beach Maui, Hawaii
  • When:
    • Date – August 1-3 2014
    • Time – 9am to 3pm
  • Contact:

Class conducted by:
Master Examiner Paul Franco

Or Interested candidates can Contact Us for more info