Paul Nordone

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Paul Nordone

Paul took his first kiteboarding lesson with Aqua Sports back in 2000, and was instantly hooked! Now he’s one of our best and most popular instructors.

He went on to become a certified PASA kiteboarding instructor in 2004, teaching in Ventura, CA at C-Street and Port Hueneme.  Paul moved to Maui in 2007 to pursue his 2 passions – cancer research and kiting. “Maui offers one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding lessons!!”

He is now a Level 2 PASA and US Kiters Certified Instructor.

Paul brings over 10 years of teaching experience to Aqua Sports and has taught many kids as well as seniors to kite! He adapts his teaching style to best fit the student, and has great patience and very thorough and easy to understand teaching techniques.

Pauls says: “A lot people think kiting is too difficult or they are too old or need lots of strength.  None of that is true! Anyone can learn to kite, and it’s one of the most incredible feelings of freedom and excitement to be gliding across the water, jumping into the air, flying like a bird or surfing the waves! I’m amazed at the progression of the sport over the last decade, and how easy it is to learn and teach on the gear today.”

Whether you have no experience at all or you want to learn advanced moves like jumps, jibing or back rolls, Paul can teach you and keep a smile on your face!